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On average we spends £800 a year on dates

According to 2009 surveys by YouGov and Maestro, there are 8.6 million UK adults actively dating, roughly half the total number of singletons.  What happens to the other half of singletons that aren’t looking?  Perhaps, they are put off by the costs involved in taking someone out on a date.

The Costs

The cost of the average date is £206.87, the financial brunt of which is mostly borne by men, although women spend almost as much (£191.38) on clothes, hair and beauty products in preparation. At the national average of four dates each per year, this equates to a total dating market value of more than £8 billion.  Is it really worth spending £800 a year to meet someone  or is that money better spent having fun with the hope that you might meet someone with similar tastes at such venues or on such holidays?

Geographic Differences

  • The highest spenders on average are the Welsh
  • The highest ratio of single women to men is found in Glasgow
  • The lowest ratio of single women to men is in Reading

Why use online dating?

  • 4.7 million people claim to have used a dating website in the past year
  • 1 in 5 marriages of 19-25 year olds started online
  • Some 43% of people use Google to check out a first date

Perhaps, it is time to forget the stigma and give online dating a chance.


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