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Where should you look for your future partner?

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

A behavioural study revealed that more than twice as many couples who got married in 2009 met through online dating sites than at clubs, bars or other social forums combined. One in six marriages are now between people who met through an internet matchmaking service highlighting the reach of online dating, the studies of more than 11,000 people found.

Where did people meet their partner(s)?

  • 1st – Most popular way of meeting a partner was through work and school accounting for 36% of liaisons over the last three years.
  • 2nd – Hooking up through a friend or family member at 26%.
  • 3rd – Getting together through an online dating site is the third most popular meeting way at 17%
  • 4th – Bars/clubs and other social events came in at 11%

Online differences

Dr Jeff Gavin, a psychology lecturer at the University of Bath, has researched the social science behind the sites.  His study centres on computer-mediated communication (CMC).  Essentially, how we talk and relate to people through computers and the internet.

  • We also tend to ask more questions online, and give more intimate answers, than when communicating face-to-face. So we make up for the ‘missing’ information like facial expressions.
  • “It’s natural that people want to paint themselves in the best light, so most tend to describe themselves in a positive way, and upload flattering photos,” Gavin says. “But I think that’s just like making an effort before going to a nightclub. When you’re on the pull – be it online or in a club, most people try to look their best. It may not be the way you look first thing in the morning, but it’s not dishonest.”

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